Identifying market opportunities in Poland and Baltics

Don’t be fooled by images of snowy landscapes and horse-drawn carriages: the Baltics and Poland are growing markets for shared mobility services. …

Shared mobility services are unquestionably considered a unique urban mobility option in major European cities. In most of these cities, inhabitants can choose from a large panel of shared vehicles (scooters, bikes & cargo bikes, mopeds and cars), making it a perfect complement to public transports.

But shared mobility services…

By the end of the Covid-19 lockdown in Europe, shared e-scooters companies were staring at one of the latest untapped markets of the continent: the United-Kingdom.

Becoming aware of the potential of these new services (especially given the reluctance of people to use public transports), the British government decided to…

Julien Chamussy

Co-founder & CEO of fluctuo

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