• Oliver Parsonsbaker

    Oliver Parsonsbaker

  • Eden Zheng

    Eden Zheng

  • B4Motion


    We are a Mobility Lab. We research, invest and build. Founded in 2015, we invest and build mobility solutions to observe and improve how major cities move.

  • Sebastien Marteau

    Sebastien Marteau

  • James Molloy

    James Molloy

    Partnerships guy for Uber’s Vehicle Solutions

  • Barry Sweeney

    Barry Sweeney


  • Amy Lewin

    Amy Lewin

    I write about the human side of startups and tech for Sifted, a new FT-backed website launching early 2019. Previously features editor @courier.

  • Juan Carlos Golindano Sosa

    Juan Carlos Golindano Sosa

    Economics and Data on steroids. Spanish and English articles.

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